Learn more about the groups in the C4 Network.


Artifice (Washington, DC) is a choral ensemble dedicated to shaping and developing the next generation of choral music and musicians in the Washington, DC area through innovative, experimental choral performance.


C3LA (Los Angeles) has no artistic or executive director—rather, it is collectively run by its members. Many of the singers are also conductors and/or composers. 40-50% of each concert is written by members of the ensemble and each piece is conducted by a different ensemble member. 

C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective

C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective (New York City) is, to our knowledge, the oldest collective choral ensemble in the US devoted to new music, dedicated to performing choral music written in the last 25 years by both our own composers and others, and conducted by a rotating group of conductor members.


Infinitus (Jacksonville) is a choral collective based on the model of C4. The ensemble has no single artistic director but makes both artistic and executive decisions through conversation and consensus. Members include student singers, conductors, and composers who also manage behind-the-scenes elements including publicity, repertoire selection, outreach projects, logistics, and more. We limit our repertoire to music written in the past 25 years, prominently featuring new works written by our members and other local composers.


Inversion (Austin) is a collection of vocal ensembles dedicated to commissioning and performing timely new works by living composers. Inversion presents themed concerts on myriad topics, including LGBTQIA+ rights, racial justice, immigration, climate change, and democratic rights as well as space exploration, philosophy, natural science, and the ancient elements. Inversion advocates for inclusion through outreach with local public schools, college partners, and annual emerging composer contests.


Triad (Boston) is a democratic ensemble of professional singers, conductors, and composers.  We integrate our musical disciplines and share organizational and artistic leadership to produce compelling and vibrant performances of choral music written in the last 25 years.